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Architecture Design Project.

Objects of the design project:

  • Architecture (buildings / constructions)

  • Interiors (public, residential, industrial)

  • Open spaces (parks, squares and the surrounding areas, private areas, sport grounds and recreational areas, etc.)

  • Exhibition objects (museums, art galleries, etc.).

  • Commercial interiors (shopping malls, shops, cafes, restaurants and etc.)

  • Small architectural forms (monuments, fountains, sculptures, pavilions, etc.)

  • Equipment (commercial equipment, .....)

Tasks of the design project:
Design project is the first fundamental step to the creation of the functional, comfortable, unique object / environment.
Design project is a "detailed terms of reference and action plan" for further implementation of the project.
Work stages of the design project:
1. Pre-work.

  • Consulting.

  • Measuring, photo / video-fixation.

  • Study of the design object. An analysis of the incoming information.

  •  Formation of TOR and CO.

2. Preliminary proposal / concept.

  • Planning decisions scheme (Design drawings).

  • Perspective sketches.

  • Explanatory note.

3. Design project.
• 3d visualization (Photo-realistic image of the object).
• Development of the planning schemes (Working drawings).
• Specification of materials and equipment.
• General information.
• Design, printing.
4. Maintenance / supervision.
• Selection of materials and equipment.
• Adjustments to the "Design Project".
• Consultation and supervision of the project.
 * Design project according to current regulations and standards.

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