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The architectural lighting design.


Objects of the lighting design:
Interiors (public, residential, commercial, industrial)
Architecture (buildings / constructions, facade lighting, bridges, etc.)
Open spaces (roads for various purposes, streets, parks, squares and the surrounding areas, private areas, etc.)
Sport facilities (FIFA stadiums, football pitches, KHL ice rinks, swimming pools, etc.)
Exhibition objects (museums, art galleries, etc.)
Commercial interiors (shopping malls, shops, commercial equipment, etc.).
Small architectural forms (monuments, fountains, sculptures, pavilions, etc.)
Nonstandard solutions
Tasks of the lighting design:
Functional / technical lighting of the object.
Decorative / artistic illumination of the object.
Complex solutions.

Work stages:
1. Pre-work.
Measuring, photo / video-fixation.
The study of the design object. An analysis of the incoming information.
Formation of TOR and CO.
2. Preliminary proposal / concept.
Allocation schemes of the equipment (design drawings).
Perspective sketches.
Explanatory note.
3. Design project.
Selection of equipment, lighting calculations according to the current normative documents.
3d modeling and visualization (Photo-realistic image of the object).
Development of the planning schemes. (Working drawings).
Specification of the equipment.
Mounting schemes.
General information.
Design, printing.
4. Maintenance / supervision.
Consultation and control of the project.
Supervision installation

* Design project according to the current regulations and standards.

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